At this stage of the project some of the first EuHIT funded TNA activities come to conclusion. Users were asked to provide feedback on their reception of EuHIT and TNA. 

We are proud to announce that the responses we gathered were very positive. Here are some of the comments we got:

  • „Programs like EuHIT are extremely important for advancing our current knowledge in fluid dynamics. Laboratory facilities are not always easily accessible and are often quite expensive to run. EuHIT significantly facilitate access to laboratories, supporting experimental research.”
  • „I must say that this project has been a great opportunity to strengthen collaborations with other groups inside the European Community and all the people in both institutions involved in EuHIT has been highly collaborative and has been a real pleasure to work with them. From my point of view, these projects in the EuHIT framework are a very valuable tool, and I have already recommended to other colleagues to take advantage from this instrument.”
  • „We recommend strongly the use of transnational facilities to our collegues.”
  • „The present results are above my expectations and I will surely apply to future collaborative programmes in order to continue this research for which both sides are very enthousiastic.”
  • " I strongly recommend to other researchers the use of transnational access to the facilities participating in EuHIT."
  • "The authors think that it is important that the EUHit formula is opened to the researchers with no experience in experimental fluid mechanics, but who would like to verify the results of their simulations. For the authors this was the first opportunity to verify the results of numerical studies based on their own experimental research. Additionally, the formula gives a chance to perform unique experimental research for scientists from institutions where there is not access to the required equipment. The scientists, especially younger colleagues, may also benefit from establishing international contacts. "
  • "The transnational aspect is valuable. The way experiments are set up and performed, can differ significantly, depending not only on the specific institute or university, but also on local customs. The exchange of these different ideas will help further develop the experimental turbulence research infrastructure in Europe. We strongly recommend other researchers to take the opportunity to do these kinds of collaborations."
  • "The present results are above my expectations and I will surely apply to future collaborative programmes in order to continue this research for which both sides are very enthousiastic."
  • "In my opinion, this kind of programs, like the EuHIT, that allows to the researches of Europe a transnational access to other institutes really facilitate the collaboration between different fluid mechanics groups that work in turbulent flows. The synergy that it is created when joining two groups of people that works and think in different ways if very fruitful to make advance faster the scientific knowledge. The EuHIT program is an easy way to obtain the necessary funding to start research projects in a short period of time, in contrast to other type of programs. Therefore, I strongly recommend and encourage to other researcher to apply for this program and develop their research projects in turbulent flow."
  • "EuHIT is an extremely effective scheme to explore scientific ideas through their broad portfolio of experimental facilities included in the scheme. The application process was straightforward and appropriate for the funds available through the scheme. 
    Without access to the facility provided through EuHIT, we would not have been able to test the hypothesis formulated on the basis of Direct Numerical Simulations of the system. Given that the facility was available and being maintained and supported by the host institution, it was easy to use the apparatus in a very targeted way to gather the required experimental data.
    The funding also provided an excellent networking opportunity to discuss further collaboration, as well as an opportunity for a young researcher to visit other institutions with a clear research task."
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