EuHIT Cryogenic Turbulence Workshop

Grenoble, France


The study of turbulent flows at low temperatures is an active and challenging line of scientific enquiry. The cryogenic environment allows indeed investigations relevant to the general understanding of turbulence, such as those at very high Reynolds and Rayleigh numbers. Additionally, the behaviour of cryogenic fluids is interesting in its own right due, for example, to the occurrence of quantum turbulence, a unique phenomenon with far-reaching implications.

The workshop is therefore mainly devoted to the presentation of the EuHIT low-temperature infrastructures, in order to promote external access to these facilities and to highlight their experimental capabilities.

The involved research infrastructures are the CERN Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (Geneva), the Czech Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (Prague and Brno), the Grenoble Helium Infrastructures and the High Rayleigh Number Cryogenic Facility (Trieste).

Workshop organisers: A. Girard and B. Rousset (CEA, Grenoble), M. La Mantia and L. Skrbek (Charles University, Prague), J. Niemela (ICTP, Trieste), O. Pirotte (CERN, Geneva) and P-E. Roche (CNRS, Grenoble).

Important dates

  • application deadline
    2 October 2015


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