EuHIT Cryogenic Turbulence Workshop

Grenoble, France

Practical Info

No conference fee is required to attend the meeting but there is a limit on the number of participants and an application form has to be filled, also to comply with CEA and CERN rules (passport needed to access these facilities).

Travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed, at least partially, to some participants, to be chosen by the organising committee, mainly on the basis of the number of applicants and of their needs.

The fourth day of the workshop is devoted to visit the CERN Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (Geneva).

CEA rules for reimbursement

The workshop participant willing to get reimbursed from CEA will need to provide, after the workshop,

(i) all relevant bills (see below);

(ii) a letter from his/her employer attesting that the latter will not reimburse the participant;

(iii) a bank account number (IBAN and BIC).

Note that

(i) accommodation expenses (including breakfast) must remain lower than 72 EUR per night; each dinner must cost less than 22 EUR;

(ii) travel by plane is only allowed in economic class and the corresponding return ticket should not exceed 500 EUR (otherwise please send an e-mail to;

(iii) travel by train in first class is allowed; travel by taxi or bus is allowed only for short distances; car rental is not allowed.

Some hotels in Grenoble that fulfill CEA rules:

Hotel DE l'INSTITUT (code to be used for on-line booking: euhit2015)