EuHIT Cryogenic Turbulence Workshop

Grenoble, France


Day 1,

08H30-08H45   Coffee break

08H45-09H00   Opening announcements (B. Rousset)

09H00-10H00   Vacuum and low temperatures: heat transfer, thermal isolation and thermal contact (C. Enss)

10H00-10H15   Coffee break

10H15-11H15   Properties of solids: heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and superconductivity (J-P. Brison)

11H15-11H35   Fast temperature measurements and control  (F. Bonne)

11H35-12H15   CERN conditioning electronics for cryogenic facilities  (J. Casas-Cubillos)

12H15-14H00   Lunch

14H00-15H00   Donnelly’s research on cryogenic hydrodynamics and turbulence (J. Niemela)

15H00-15H45   He for high Re experiments (B. Rousset)

15H45-16H30   He for high Ra experiments (J. Niemela)

16H30-17H00   Coffee break

17H00-17H45   He II co-flows (P-E. Roche)

17H45-18H30   He II counter-flows (L. Skrbek)

Day 2,

08H30-09H00   Coffee break

09H00-10H00   General talk on turbulent convection (F. Chillà)

10H00-10H30   Rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection: return of an external Trieste user (B. Ecke)

10H30-10H45   Coffee break

10H45-11H30   Turbulent convection experiments in Brno (P. Urban)

11H30-12H15   Cantilever and Pitot tube anemometers  (E. Rusaouën and J. Salort)

12H15-12H45   Hot wires and acoustic probes (J. Valentin, P. Diribarne and M. Bourgoin)

12H45-14H00   Lunch

14H00-14H45   General talk on Von Karman experiments (B. Dubrulle)

14H45-15H05   Results from SHREK during its first EuHIT access (J. Burguete)

15H05-15H15   Nazarenko’s SHREK proposal (B. Dubrulle)

15H15-15H30   Future measurements with HeJet (P. Diribarne)

15H30-16H00   Coffee break

16H00-18h30   Visits of the Grenoble facilities (B. Rousset, P. Diribarne, A. Girard and P-E. Roche)

Day 3,

08H30-09H00   Coffee break

09H00-10H15   Cryogenic flow visualization, Prague set-up and exemplary results (M. La Mantia, D. Duda and P. Švančara)

10H15-10H45   Coffee break

10H45-12H15   Probing quantum flows with oscillators, Prague set-up and exemplary results (D. Schmoranzer, L. Skrbek and T. Skokánková)

12H15-14H00   Lunch

14H00-14H30   Status and objectives of the cryogenic wind tunnel ETW and of the research tunnel PETW (J. Quest)

14H30-15H00   Large wind-tunnel turbulence characterization: prerequisite for laminar wing tests (F. Méry)

15H00-15H30   Coffee break

15H30-16H00   The very high Re limit of He II using the HVBK method (E. Lévêque)

16H00-16H30   Self-consistent normal fluid and superfluid velocity profiles in helium II turbulent channel flows (L. Galantucci)

16H30-17H00   Some recent results from the one-fluid model of helium II (M. Sciacca)

17H00-17H30   Participant short talks (tba)

Day 4,

08H30-11H00   Transfer to CERN

11H00-12H00   The CERN Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (B. Chabaud)

12H00-14H00   Lunch

14H00-15H00   Visit of the CERN Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (O. Pirotte)

15H00-17H30   Return to Grenoble, with a stop at Geneva airport