Wall Turbulence & Advanced Measurement Techniques

Villeneuve d'Ascq LML UMR CNRS 8107, France


The aim of the workshop is to present the High Reynolds number Turbulent Boundary layer wind tunnel of Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille to the European Industrial and Scientific community. This facility is part of the EUHIT project on Research Infrastructure and is open to the community to perform tests and research. The facility has been improved  recently and offers possibilities which have no equivalent at the world level to study High Reynolds Number wall turbulence. The second aim is to discuss up-to-date measurement techniques around wall turbulence (including advanced PIV, shear stress measurement, MEMS hot wire probes…). During the workshop, a unique PIV experiment putting together researchers from LML, Bundeswehr University Munich, DLR and Monash University in Australia will be running in the frame of EUHIT. It will be presented to the participants to show the possibilities of the facility.

Important dates

  • Abstract submission
    30 March 2015