Technische Universität Ilmenau
Ilmenau, Germany

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  • Worldwide largest experiment (7.0 m x 6.3 m) to study highly turbulent convection in air with unrivalled spatial and temporal resolution;
  • Full measurement access into a very well controlled space of 250 m3 with a regular and easily changeable geometry;
  • Cutting edge flow measurement techniques: LDA, PIV, PTV, ultra-small temperature probes, infrared camera;
  • Roughly isotropic turbulence with zero mean velocity in the center, different from all the wind-tunnel-like facilities

The Barrel of Ilmenau (BOI) presents a large-scale Rayleigh-Bènard experimental setup to study highly turbulent convection in its pure form, which recently also contributed to more applied research such as testing novel measurement techniques or verifying indoor flow computations.