Czech Cryogenic Turbulence Facility Czech Republic
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

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The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is one of the 17 faculties of Charles University and its Department of Low Temperature Physics (DLTP) exists since 1982. Its laboratories and helium liquefier are located in the cryogenic pavilion, opened in 2005.

The research interests of the DLTP encompass physical properties of condensed matter studied by nuclear magnetic resonance, Moessbauer spectroscopy and positron annihilation as well as superfluidity and cryogenic fluid dynamics, investigated by using cryogenic gaseous, liquid and superfluid helium as working fluids.

Quantum turbulence in superfluid helium is studied by employing the second sound attenuation technique, small mechanical oscillators and by visualization of selected cryogenic flows. A dilution refrigerator is available for experiments in the zero temperature limit (i.e. down to about 10 mK).

Cryogenic gas helium turbulent thermal convection is investigated jointly with the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The DLTP provides transnational access to two installations: the Prague Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (PCTF) and the Brno Cryogenic Turbulence Facility (BCTF).