CERN Cryogenic Turbulence Facility Switzerland
European Organization for Nuclear Research
Geneva, Switzerland

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  • Very High Reynolds (up to 2×107) in axisymetric jet (GReC, Rλ up to 6000);
  • The whole range of flow scales, down to the Kolmogorov length (few microns) accessible through movable, fast response, hot and cold wire anemometry;
  • Laboratory size experiments allowing modification and machining on their parts with standard laboratory equipment;
  • Flow properties well validated by previous experiments with various sensors (acoustic scattering, hot wire, …).


GReC@CERN takes advantage of the very low kinematic viscosity of gaseous He and a dedicated kilowatt (cooling power at 4 K) cryogenic refrigerator to generate laboratory-size flows reaching very high Reynolds numbers. The flexibility offered by this approach allows exploring systematically the jet flow, which is a paradigm of open turbulent flows.

Overview of the facility environment