TurBase Knowledge Base Italy
CINECA, Consorzio Interuniversitario
Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna, Italy

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CINECA represents one of the world’s largest data bases at the disposal of the European  turbulence community, easily accessible through communication networks:

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 Its data storage and computational resources will be further enhanced due to the participation in several EU-funded activities like DEISA, PRACE and HPC Europa.

  • Europe’s largest digital library service for data coming from numerical simulations and experiments in the field of fluid dynamics (400 TB accessible online);
  • Most efficient and effective transnational access to outstanding experimental and numerical data;
  • Broadest variety of advanced tools for exploring and analyzing data on our high performance computing facilities (26.6 TFlops);
  • High quality technical and scientific user support.

CINECA is the largest supercomputing center in Italy for public and private research activities and one of the largest in the world (ranking 48th in the latest Top500 List). Its statutory aims comprise the promotion of the use of the most advanced computer based information processing systems to support public and private scientific and technological research. The present CINECA main HPC platforms are represented by a 5000 processors AMD Opteron based Linux cluster (peak performance 26.6 TFlops) and a 512 processors IBM Power5 processors based architecture (peak performance 3.9 TFlops). A number of data storage facilities are available. Temporary data can be stored on a high performance GPFS 20 TB area during runs. Final data can be stored and managed on a permanent disk area of about 400 TB (progressively increasing in size, presently SFS technology based) and, finally, on a tertiary cartridge based storage (StorageTek technology). All data is constantly on-line and accessible. Complementary computing systems support data analysis exploration and advanced visualization, thanks also to several VR facilities. CINECA offers skills and advanced expertise in various fields of science and technology, from code development, parallelization, optimization, to visualization and data management, to web applications and services, and finally, to experimentation and exploitation of innovative high-end technologies.

CINECA has a long tradition in the support of HPC scientific applications, providing researchers with computing resources, technical support and expertise, scientific collaboration. This happens at national level, as CINECA acts as the National Supercomputing Center in Italy via the ISCRA grant programe, and at European level with PRACE Tier 0, PRACE Tier 1, the evolution of DEISA, and the HPC-Europa projects. The HPC-Europa project leads to a continuous flow of European scientists at CINECA.