TurBase Knowledge Base Italy


TurBase is an easily accessible knowledge-base infrastructure for high quality turbulence data. It is primarily developed in order to maximize the dissemination and impact of data acquired during the course of the EuHIT project. It provides easy access 
to experimental and numerical data, as well as data derived from theoretical models, promoting at the same time the use and the deployment of standards. It efficiently curates, preserves and provides access to the data and metadata collected or produced by EuHIT in particular and the turbulence community in general.

The service stores data on the Digital Library for Turbulence Data (DLTD), which is based on iRODS, an “integrated Rule-Oriented Data-management System”.


The main keywords that describe the data in the TurBase repository are:

  • Content: at variance with respect to text files, raw scientific data need a detailed description to be able to search, index, retrieve and preserve them.

  • Structure: data are stored in particular formats that need to be detailed and in some repository whose access information need to be specified.

  • Quality: the quality of data is both the one intrinsic in the experimental or numerical methodologies employed, as well as the one that refers to how well data are described, how easy they are to access, etc.

These three keywords are the pillars on which our basic and extensible metadata descriptor is built.

The accepted data formats are the natural formats in which data are produced. We encourage a division in directories that contain logically connected files related to different part of each experiment. Nevertheless, it is really important to add metadata that describe what the data is showing and how it was produced. By this, the users of TurBase can quickly reach the data they are looking for. Any later update of the metadata can be easily digested by TurBase, which can perform a full dump of (all revisions of) the metadata.

Quick start

Please note that TurBase is at present in a testing stage (alpha version), therefore some features might be changed in the near future. The following steps:

  1. Registration for EuHIT researchers
  2. Creating datasets under TurBase
  3. Uploading data to the Digital Library
  4. Synchronizing data and metadata between TurBase and the Digital Library
  5. Searching and Downloading data

are explained in details here: