Next generation and innovative instrumentation Joint Research Activity
Joachim Peinke
University of Oldenburg, ForWind , Institute of Physics, Oldenburg, Germany
Involved partners:


The goal of this project is to deliver to EuHIT facilities innovative research instrumentation, which includes industrial availability of the developed products for R&D departments and research labs worldwide. These instruments will supplement and overcome deficiencies of present state-of-the-art sensors. In this project, commercial companies team up with academic participants in order to develop the next generation of fluid mechanics and turbulence measurements.


  • Development of electronics to make real-time processing of images possible.Target research infrastructure: GTF, BOI, TTF, CICLoPE, HRCF, GReC, Coriolis, LML, GHI, CCTF, RIMT, CoGeoF, and TLP.
  • Development of a smart particle to measure fluid and flow properties along Lagrangian trajectories. Target research infrastructure: TTF, GTF, and Coriolis.
  • Development of sensitive laser-cantilever probes to measure fluid velocities with high resolution. Target research infrastructure: CICLoPE, GTF, BOI, LML, and CoGeoF.

Providing to the large experimental turbulence facilities new scientific measurement systems including the training for the experimental employment of these modern technologies. Providing the possibilities of adjusting the system to special flow conditions for the TNAs.