Turbulence generation Joint Research Activity


The aim of this WP is to improve the means by which turbulence is generated and controlled in the TNA facilities, so as to replicate the conditions present everywhere in nature and in industrial settings. These developments not only make higher Reynolds numbers achievable in the laboratory, but make systematic investigation possible to understand the influence of this kind of turbulence on:

  • large-scale intermittency,
  • differing mean flow profiles,
  • objects present in the flow.


  • Development of multi-scale (fractal) propellers for von Kármán flows to produce higher Reynolds numbers and desired mean flow profiles. Target research infrastructures: GHI.
  • Development of an active grid and driving algorithms to generate high Reynolds number turbulence around objects in an oil tunnel. Target research infrastructures: RIMT.

This WP provides means for the TNA facilities to extend the fundamental understanding of turbulence toward conditions present in applied settings.