Cryogenic measurement technologies Joint Research Activity
Philippe Roche
CNRS, Institut Neel, Grenoble, France
Involved partners:



Instrumentation is recognized as the main bottleneck in cryogenic turbulence experiments. This situation arises partly because there are almost no commercially available probes and partly because of the stringent requirements associated with the high Reynolds and Rayleigh numbers of the experiments. In the context of the four cryogenic TNA facilities, this WP addresses the situation with the following objectives:

  • Fabrication of customised rugged velocity and temperature probes for the cryogenic TNA;
  • Development of probes for high Rayleigh number convection experiments;


  • Production of end-user-customisable millimeter-resolution Pitot tubes and thermometers on silicon mounts. Target Research Infrastructure: GReC, GHI, CCTF, and HRCF.
  • Development of a heat-flux advection / velocity probe to measure heat transport within convection cells. Target Research Infrastructure: GTF, CCTF, HRCF and BOI.

These probes provide instrumentation for the cryogenic TNA facilities:

  • By providing customised, robust anemometers and thermometers;
  • By providing probe specific for the convection experiments.