Lagrangian measurement of turbulence with strong mean flows Joint Research Activity
Eberhard Bodenschatz
MPIDS, LFPB, Goettingen, Germany
Involved partners:
Universiteit Twente


To develop the technologies for 3D Lagrangian particle tracking (LPT) measurements, including calibration and analysis of measurement errors, suitable for turbulence with strong mean flows, which are present in a large number of facilities in EuHIT.


  • Development of systems that translate the particle tracking units at the desired mean flow speeds in order to perform Lagrangian measurements. Target research infrastructures: GTF, TTF.
  • Development of the automated alignment/focusing/calibration for cameras, data storage/transfer, and illumination subsystems associated with the translation platform. Target research infrastructure: GTF, TTF, BOI, LML, RIMT, CICLoPE.
  • Development of calibration and error analyses methods for the Lagrangian measurements performed with the moving platform. Target research infrastructure: GTF, TTF, LML, RIMT, CICLoPE.
  • Development of the infrastructure for large-scale Lagrangian measurements: adapting illumination, particle generation, camera alignment and calibration to large-scale flows. Target research infrastructure: GTF, BOI, LML, Coriolis, CICLoPE.


This WP provides the technique to follow fluids (and the particles carried with it) with strong mean flows and hence measure Lagrangian statistics such as acceleration, velocity, relative dispersion, etc.