Particles and fields Joint Research Activity
Mickael Bourgoin
LEGI - CNRS, Grenoble, France
Involved partners:
Universiteit Twente


This project improves the connections between the Eulerian measurements (made at fixed points in space or time) and Lagrangian measurements (made along particle trajectories), and extends the reach of Lagrangian measurement techniques. While the Eulerian techniques implemented at the TNA facilities are relatively mature, Lagrangian techniques, which are directly connected to problems of turbulent mixing and transport, are still in
their infancy. The project partners address some of the shortcomings of these techniques by

  • Improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of Lagrangian Particle Tracking (PT);
  • Improving the resolution of vorticity field characterization;
  • Connecting Eulerian and Lagrangian viewpoints through simultaneous measurements;
  • Enhancing the PT technique to study finite-sized particles in turbulence;
  • Increasing the data-rate of PT systems.


  • Development of a PT system that improves the SNR by following particle shadows instead of scattered light from the particles. Target research infrastructure: GTF.
  • Development of an ultrasonic probe that performs both vorticity measurements and three dimensional (3D) acoustic particle tracking (APT). Target research infrastructures: GHI.
  • Development of a technique to measure simultaneously the motions of objects carried by a turbulent flow, and the surrounding flow field itself, by using a combination of 3D-PT and tomographic particle image velocimetry (T-PIV). Target research infrastructures: Coriolis.
  • Development of a reliable technique for distinguishing and tracking overlapping finite-size bubbles. Target research infrastructures: TTF.


This project provides to the TNA facilities improved access to the statistics of turbulent flows and particles in those flows.