The workshop at the Barrel of Ilmenau has been finished very successful

Scientists, students and alumni came together for a scientific workshop at the Research Infrastructure “Barrel of Ilmenau” on 15th and 16th February 2017. The organizers invited in particular all those people to this meeting, whoever did own experimental work at the facility in the past.

About 25 participants from five countries gave talks and visited the Barrel. During a great number of vivid discussions, they created many ideas how one can use this worldwide unique experimental facility for future scientific work and they discussed a broad variety of potential projects. The ideas cover many topics ranging from the study of so-called cloud holes over thermal convection above urbanized surfaces up to the development of novel technology measuring simultaneously the flow field and the temperature field in a convective airflow. Besides pure science, the participants also had the opportunity for making new contacts and discussions during a joint walk in the snowy Thuringian Forest and a joint dinner in the Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach.