EuHIT ends - thank you for 4 years of collaborative research on turbulence

After four years of intense collaborative research, EuHIT finally ends.

For more than 500 EuHIT users turbulence was a meeting point. It brought together physicists, engineers, mathematicians and other researchers from Europe and the rest of the world forming a well collaborating research community. 

In the framework of EuHIT almost 70 research projects, grown up from this community, were supported. EuHIT Consortium provided the community with new tools and methods designed under seven Joint Research Activities. Research Infrastructures involved in EuHIT organized 10 scientific workshops, providing knowledge, training and practical expertise for the users. Two major events were organized by EuHIT:

EuHT’s trans-national access, broad variety of EuHIT events, expertise and knowledge sharing, served to animate the community formed by this interdisciplinary group of researchers.


EuHIT Consortium sincerely thanks you for those truly exciting years together.