CINECA - Consorzio Interuniversitario EuHIT Partner Institution


CINECA is a non-profit consortium made up of 50 Italian Universities, the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS), the National Research Council (CNR), and the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). CINECA is the largest Italian supercomputing centre with an HPC environment equipped with cutting-edge technology, the most advanced hardware resources and highly-qualified personnel which cooperate with researchers in the use of the technological infrastructure, in both the academic and industrial fields.
Some of the most important Italian industries (e.g. the Italian Oil and Gas Company ENI, Toro Rosso, Centro Ricerche Fiat etc.) use CINECA’s HPC facilities.

CINECA’s mission is to enable researchers to use HPC systems in a profitable way, to stay tuned with newest technology advances in HPC, to understand and satisfy the future users' needs of computational resources. The current supercomputing facility is based on an integrated infrastructure of more than 15.000 processors. The state of the art HPC system is an IBM PLX Linux cluster equipped with 3288 Intel Westmere cores at 2.4 GHz accelerated by 548 Nvidia Fermi GPUs for a peak performance of 293 Tflops. Additionally available systems are an IBM SP Power 6 system with 5376 cores and 21 Tbyte of RAM (101 Tflops peak performance) and an IBM Blue Gene P (4096 cores, 14 Tflops peak performance). Several Petabytes of high performance disk storage are available. The data center of CINECA is equipped to provide business continuity technology. Besides the national scientific supercomputing facility CINECA manages and exploits the supercomputing facility of ENI, which is an integrated HPC facility of more than 15.000 cores. A Virtual Theatre where viewers can experience a semi-immersive Virtual Reality experience completes the entire infrastructure. CINECA has acquired several years of experience in EU projects since FP3. In FP7, besides coordinating HPC-Europa2 and HPCWorld, CINECA is PRACE hosting member, delegated by the Italian Government. It participates as beneficiary in the following running projects: PRACE-1IPPRACE-2IP, EMIEUDAT, MMM@HPC, EUROPLANET, VERCE, MONTBLANC, DEEP, RISC and some National and Regional projects.

Main tasks in EuHIT: CINECA is in charge for ”Digital Library of Turbulence Data (DLTD)” providing a leading service activity aiming at the creation and management of the Europe’s largest digital library service for data coming from numerical simulations and experiments in the field of fluid dynamics. In addition, CINECA cooperates to WP4, bringing the CINECA experience on Data infrastructure and scientific data management.