Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg EuHIT Partner Institution


LSTM-Erlangen at FAU is one of the largest fluid mechanics university chair in Germany. It conducts fundamental and applied research on the dynamics of fluid flows and their interaction with other physical effects in a multi-disciplinary manner. The institute employs 80 scientific, technical and administrative staff. The academic staff is about 53 including 3 professors, 2 PD Dr., 3 Dr.-Ing. and 45 PhD students. Wind-tunnels, water tunnels, refractive index matched tunnels and high-pressure chambers are among the large facilities of LSTM-Erlangen. In addition to that, researchers have access to the high-performance-scientific-computation facilities of FAU and the federal state. The research and education is organized under 8 research groups, which are actively working on aerodynamics, turbulence, combustion, rheology, micro and nano fluid
dynamics, flows under high-pressure, numerical fluid dynamics, flow of biological matter and automatization of flow processes. The institute is an active partner of 2 excellence initiatives “Cluster of Advanced Engineering Materials” and “Graduate school of Advanced optical Technologies”.

Main tasks in EuHIT: The institute provides trans-national access to Refractive index matched tunnel (RIMT) with which one can conduct internal and external velocity measurements without having problems of optical access into the test object. Moreover, the institute develops new types mixers and their driving procedures to generate high-Reynolds-number turbulence in cooperation with CEA-SPEC (WP20). This development allows the participants to investigate the interaction of high-Reynolds-number turbulence, whose properties can be varied in a controlled manner, with wall-bounded flows and flow around bluff bodies.