The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics EuHIT Partner Institution


The ICTP, located in Trieste Italy, is the first and leading global scientific institution, with nearly 200 staff members, including 30 permanent research scientists. It is governed by a tripartite agreement between UNESCO, the IAEA, and the government of Italy and is the only UNESCO Category I institute in the basic sciences. The number of visiting scientists, including post-docs and associates is several hundreds in any year, and roughly 6000 visitors come to ICTP each year to take part in advanced workshops and schools. Research is carried out in areas of Applied Physics, High Energy, Condensed Matter, Earth System Physics, and Mathematics. Visitors to ICTP take advantage of an extensive scientific library. In the Applied Physics areas the research includes high-Reynolds and Rayleigh number convection and applied optics. The research is carried out in the ICTP Applied Physics Laboratory, situated within the Elettra Synchrotron Facility (Sincrotrone Trieste) also in Trieste. Elettra has a fully equipped machine shop as well as many technical support laboratories. The CNR is also located at Elettra and is capable of nano-fabrication. In addition to this, both ICTP and Elettra are part of a large collection of scientific institutions in the Trieste area known as the Trieste System and resulting in one of the largest densities of scientists in all of Europe.

Main tasks in EuHIT: The ICTP provides trans-national access to the large cryogenic convection facility in the Applied Physics laboratory at Elettra. The laboratory is formally linked to the joint ICTP-University of Trieste Doctoral School in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics.