Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e. V., Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization EuHIT Partner Institution


The MPI-DS, with 260 employees including students, is one of 80 institutes within the Max Planck Society. The research interests of the MPI-DS encompass the dynamics and self-organization of complex matter, from micro-fluidic systems to fully developed turbulence, and from singularities and chaos to structures and networks. The institute has fully equipped machine and electronics shops, a class 1000 clean room for nanofabrication, and a large computational facility. The fluid-dynamics group, led by Eberhard Bodenschatz, is housed in a new experimental hall and in additional laboratory in an adjacent building.

Main tasks in EuHIT: The MPI-DS is in charge of managing the EuHIT project. The institute also provides trans-national access to three facilities, the Variable Density Turbulence Tunnel, the UBoot, and a von Kármán mixer. The MPI-DS shall develop a Lagrangian particle tracking system to observe turbulence with large sweeping motions in cooperation with Ilmenau and Twente. The MPI-DS is also an important partner in the assessment of the quality of data and models, in cooperation with the CNRS-ENS, -LEGI, and -Nice, as well as the TUE, the UTOV, and