SmartINST SAS EuHIT Partner Institution


The recently founded smartINST company is developing the Instrumented Particles (IP) concept. It is based on a patent owned by CNRS and ENS de Lyon, from whom smartINST owns an exclusive license. The instrumented particles are freely advected by turbulent flows and thus follow Lagrangian trajectories. They perform measurements in this framework, a breakthrough for the studies of transport phenomena in turbulence. ENS de Lyon, the University of Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes Région and the Lyon Chamber of Commerce have supported the creation of smartINST. Founded in 2009, smartINST employs 4 persons and has been profitable since 2010.

Main tasks in EuHIT: smartINST participates in the innovation WP aiming at delivering to EuHIT facilities innovative instrumentation, which precludes industrial availability for R&D departments and research labs, in Europe and world-wide.