Carl von Ossietzky Universit├Ąt Oldenburg EuHIT Partner Institution


The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg is located in the North-West of Germany and was founded in 1972. In the institute of Physics of the university fluid dynamics in connection with wind energy, ocean science and noise generation has a long tradition as a research topic. Based on the recent developments in wind energy, a strong research topic in this field has been set up with the foundation of ForWind – the joint center for wind energy research of the universities Oldenburg, Hanover and Bremen. Wind physics, the impact of turbulence on the wind energy conversion, is the main topic of the corresponding research in Oldenburg. Currently, more than 50 scientists are employed on this topic. The ForWind group has its own small wind tunnel and several laboratories for fluid dynamics, as well as appropriate measuring tools like hot wire anemometers, PIV, and LDA. The research on turbulence is headed by J. Peinke.

Main tasks in EuHIT: The UNOL is the leading participant of “Next generation and innovative instrumentations” project (WP19), where UNOL's scientific contribution helps to advance the development of a new type of anemometer, the laser cantilever anemometer (LCA) as a high resolution local sensor. This LCA is an alternative to common hot-wire anemometers. The LCA should be tested and used in cooperation with the other partners in their large-scale facilities and for special flow situations (like TTF, BOI, GTF, CICLoPE, LML-BLW...). In particular the use for low temperature experiments should be tested together with GHI. UNOL is also a partner in WP19, “Turbulence generation”, and contributes special excitation modes of an active grid and investigate the impact of intermittent features of the small scale turbulence of the wake flow. This work is done in cooperation with MPI-DS and CEA-b.