Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata EuHIT Partner Institution


UTOV is the second largest University in the Rome area with faculties on all domains. Computational Fluid Dynamics is studied by different groups, both in the Faculty of Science (Physics) and in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The two groups involved in EuHIT are the teams lead by Prof. L. Biferale in physics and by Prof. R. Verzicco in the engineering domain. They are both active members of the CAST numerical research department at Tor Vergata (Centro interdipartimentale per il calcolo Avanzato nella Scienza e nella Tecnica) and have access to computational resources at local, national and international level as CASPUR, Rome (IT), CINECA, Bologna (IT), DECI, and PRACE (EU).

Main tasks in EuHIT: The Tor Vergata group is mainly devoted to the activity of data management and data standardization, together with the one on data modelling. The group is involved in fixing and developing the standards for storing and accessing numerical data on Eulerian and
Lagrangian turbulence and on numerical investigations of turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection in realistic three-dimensional geometries. This activity is carried out in tight contacts within the WP24 and with the IT team at CINECA and with the group in Eindhoven (TUE) and Lyon. The group also develops collaborations with the group of Dr. Lanotte at CNR-ISAC (Rome and Lecce, Italy) with expertise in data managing of atmospheric turbulence. Back and forth exchange of expertise and validations with experimental groups is carried out within the WP24.