Universiteit Twente EuHIT Partner Institution


The Physics of Fluids (UT-PoF) group chaired by Prof. Detlef Lohse works on a variety of aspects in fluid mechanics, in particular on those related to bubbles. The group has 5 scientific staff members, 8 postdocs and 30 PhD students at the moment. The focus of their work is to gain a fundamental understanding of phenomena in the physics of fluids, bubbles and jets, which they undertake by experimental, numerical and theoretical means. The main research areas are turbulence, two-phase flow, granular flow, micro- and nanofluidics, and biomedical applications
of bubbles. The group has two unique experimental turbulence facilities: the 8m high Twente Water Tunnel and the Twente Turbulent Taylor-Couette (T3C) to study turbulent flows. The group has many national and international collaborations, both in industry and in the academic world.

Main tasks in EuHIT: The UT-PoF group provides trans-national access to two turbulence facilities: the Twente Water Tunnel (TWT) and Twente Turbulent Taylor-Couette (T3C). The group develops non-intrusive experimental techniques to instantaneously measure the local gas volume fraction in bubbly turbulence, and adapt it to the Twente Turbulent Taylor-Couette (T3C) facility. The group also develops sled-PTV/PIV techniques to study finite sized particles in turbulence, and apply them in the Twente Water Tunnel (TWT) system, in cooperation with Göttingen, Lyon, Grenoble (Lagrangian measurements). In addition, the UT-PoF group is an important partner in the assessment of the quality of data and models, in cooperation with the TUE and CNRS-ENS.