University of Warsaw EuHIT Partner Institution


The University of Warsaw is the largest university in Poland (2,900 academic staff, 5,300 employees, over 50,000 students). Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM) is a department of the University of Warsaw created in 1993 as a research centre for computational sciences with multidisciplinary profile. The research at the ICM is focused on mathematical, natural and computational sciences as well as networking and information technology. Areas of active research include: Complex multi-scale phenomena in continuous media; Non-linear analysis methods, in particular dynamical system theory-specific approaches; Atmospheric modelling and numerical weather prediction (mesoscale level) including forcasting of clear air turbulence (the FP7 project DELICAT).

Main tasks in EuHIT: ICM carry part of the networking activities of EuHIT including organisation of four topical summer schools to integrate the research community and ensure strong involvement of the industrial R&D representatives. ICM is in charge of the web-portal of EuHIT and organizes the information exchange.