Vision Research Europe B.V. EuHIT Partner Institution


Vision Research, Inc. (VRI-E) is the world’s leader in High speed CMOS imaging. Its products are known worldwide for their capability and flexibility. VRI-E has introduced such industry leading products, such as the CineMag® storage device and extended dynamic range. Most of
VRI-E’s camera design is accomplished in Romania by a team led by Radu Corlan a noted Scientist and recipient of the Innovation in Imaging Award. VRI-E is world leader in high speed image processing and the unique data output capabilities of its product line make it an excellent
match for development of the data module for this project. VRI-E’s camera are assembled and tested in Wayne New Jersey by a staff that supports the European design efforts.

Main tasks in EuHIT: VRI-E is responsible for the design of the hardware module and in cooperation with other members the development of the algorithm to reduce the data from measurements. Additionally VRI-E is responsible for the integration and testing of the module with
the chosen cameras.