Waves, Turbulence and Diffusion in Beta-Plumes EuHIT Funded Project


Gabriella Di Nitto
Sapienza, University of Rome, Rome, Italy
Stefania Espa
University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
Boris Galperin
University of South Florida, St Petersburg, United States
Jesse Hoemann
University of South Florida, St Petersburg, United States
Roland Michael Brendon Young
UAE University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


Research Infrastructure
Turin Rotating Platform, Italy
Facilities used
Turin Rotating Platform Facility (TRP)
Project leader
Peter L. Read
University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom


The main objectives of this project will be to explore, in a laboratory experiment designed to investigate forced-dissipative geostrophic turbulence on a topographic beta-plane, the validity and effectiveness of zonostrophic concepts under much more extreme conditions of nonlinearity than has been possible hitherto. Such concepts may be widely applicable to geophysical and astrophysical problems relating to the formation of jets in planetary atmospheres and oceans, and lead to parameterizations of energy, vorticity and material transport that can be directly tested in experimental measurements. Experiments will be set up to form beta-plumes in a rapidly rotating fluid on a conical topographic beta-plane. Measurements will then be taken of the (Eulerian) horizontal velocity fields in order to obtain vorticity fields, from which energy transfer rates and lateral diffusion coefficients will be estimated. These will then be directly tested against simultaneous Lagrangian measurements of the dispersion of neutrally-buoyant tracer particles.