Investigation of brine rejection process in a rotating laboratory tank EuHIT Funded Project


Martin King
Uni Research, Bergen, Norway


Research Infrastructure
Turin Rotating Platform, Italy
Facilities used
Turin Rotating Platform Facility (TRP)
Project leader
Mehmet Ilicak
Uni Research AS., Bergen, Norway


In the Arctic Ocean, ice cracks/leads induce great amount of buoyancy loss. Salt fluxes due to freezing of sea water (i.e. brine rejection) and sea ice melting is one of the primary processes in sea surface mixed layer formation in the polar ocean. In here, we propose to conduct laboratory experiments and concurrent 3D high resolution non-hydrostatic numerical simulations with realistic forcing to investigate the convection processes under different forcing and initial stratification conditions. Our ultimate goal is to provide better parameterizations based on physical processes for the ocean general circulations models.