Comparative turbulence statistics in pipe flows EuHIT Funded Project


Gabriele Bellani
university of bologna, Forlì, Italy
Christoph Egbers
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, Germany
Gazi Hasanuzzaman
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, Germany
Emir Öngüner
Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany
Ramis Örlü
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Alessandro Talamelli
University of Bologna, Forlì, Italy
El Sayed Mahmoud Zanoun
Benha University, Benha, Egypt


Research Infrastructure
Cottbus Turbulence Experiment Facilities, Germany
Facilities used
Large Pipe Facility (CoLaPipeF)
Project leader
Tommaso Fiorini
Università di Bologna, Forlì, Italy


The present work aims at performing comparative and complementary simultaneous measurements using laser Doppler velocimetry and hot-wire anemometry in the turbulent pipe flow of the CoLaPipe facility. A number of open questions remain in wall turbulence, due to the scarcity of high-quality high-Reynolds number data. The aim is to use X-wire sensors and a 2-D LDV system to measure two components of the instantaneous velocity. The non-intrusive nature of LDV makes possible to have the measuring volume just upstream or closer to the wall than the x-wire sensor, without disrupting the flow up to a friction Reynolds number R+ of 1.7 x 104. The finding from the two measuring techniques can be compared and they can be used in a complementary way to obtain a better result.