Cyclone-Anticyclone Asymmetry in Turbulent Rotating Thin Layers. EuHIT Funded Project


Guido Boffetta
University of Torino, Torino, Italy
Massimiliano Manfrin
Torino University, Torino, Italy


Research Infrastructure
Turin Rotating Platform, Italy
Facilities used
Turin Rotating Platform Facility (TRP)
Project leader
Stefano Musacchio
CNRS, Univ. Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France


Turbulent flows subject to solid-body rotation exhibit a predominance of co-rotating vortices over counter-rotating ones. Recent numerical studies have shown that this cyclone-anticyclone asymmetry, which is maximum for Rossby number of order unity, can be depleted when the flow is confined in thin fluid layers. Our project is aimed to investigate, by means of a series of laboratory experiments performed in a rotating tank, how the the cyclone-anticyclone asymmetry is influenced by the thickness of the fluid layer.