Effect of Rotation on Plumes Entrainment EuHIT Funded Project


Enrico Ferrero
Piemonte Orientale University, Alessandria, Italy
Massimiliano Manfrin
Torino University, Torino, Italy
Massimo Marro
Ecole Centrale Lyon, Lyon, France


Research Infrastructure
Turin Rotating Platform, Italy
Facilities used
Turin Rotating Platform Facility (TRP)
Project leader
Pietro Salizzoni
Ecole Centrale de Lyon, lyon, France


The objective of this project is to study experimentally the effect of rotation on the entrainment within a buoyant plume, a subject that has been rarely tackled in the literature. The experiments will be performed in the rotating water tank producing negatively buoyant plumes emitted from a circular source, with varying source diameter, velocity and density and with varying background rotation. In particular we aim in a detailed description of the velocity field within the plume that will be obtained with particle image velocimetry. These measurements will allow us to provide estimates of the entrainment coefficient of the plume depending on the intensity of the effects induced by the background rotating motion and depending on the relative role of buoyancy effects within the plume itself.