GENEration of turbulence via Fractal Impellers at High Re EuHIT Funded Project


Mehrnaz Anvari
Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
Gioacchino Cafiero
Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Berengere Dubrulle
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Gif sur Yvette, France
Alain Girard
CEA, Grenoble, France
Iouri Moukharski
CEA-Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, France
Bernard Rousset
Cea, Grenoble, France


Research Infrastructure
CEA Grenoble Helium Infrastructures, France
Facilities used
Project leader
John Christos Vassilicos
Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom


Fractal objects have been the subject of turbulence research in the recent years. Indeed, it was shown, that they are able to deeply affect the properties of the turbulence which they drive. In this project, we want to investigate, how factal impellers modify the turbulence, compared to more conventional turbines used so far in the SHREK experiment. Previous studies with fractal impellers in a Von Karman experiment, done at CEA/Saclay within a JRA program and after fruitful discussion with our Group at Imperial , have shown that there are interesting interactions between ”fractal generated” structures at a given scale, with the ”cascade generated” structures created by the classical energy cascade from larger scales. Therefore, in this proposal, we wish to investigate via eulerian mesurements (Pitots tubes, cantilevers, hot wires) the energy cascade. This will be made easier through the large inertial range available in SHREK, and with the high resolution of the sensors