Very-large-scale motions measurement in pipe flows at high Reynolds numbers EuHIT Funded Project


Gabriele Bellani
university of bologna, Forlì, Italy
Tommaso Fiorini
Università di Bologna, Forlì, Italy
Andrea Ianiro
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes, Spain
Ramis Örlü
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Marco Raiola
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes, Spain
Carlos Sanmiguel Vila
University Carlos III of Madrid, Leganes, Spain
Jacopo Serpieri
TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands
Alessandro Talamelli
University of Bologna, Forlì, Italy


Research Infrastructure
Center for International Cooperation in Long Pipe Experiments, Italy
Facilities used
Long Pipe Facility (LP)
Project leader
Stefano Discetti
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes, Spain


The objective of the project is to study the very-large-scale structures present in pipe flows at high Reynolds numbers. Such features are reported to extend up to 20 pipe radii. The experimental observation of very-large-scale structures with current experimental techniques is quite challenging for both hot-wire anemometry (HWA) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). HWA relies on the Taylor hypothesis and provides only pointwise measurements; large scale measurements, on the other hand, are extremely challenging for PIV. The CICLoPE facility enables access for performing PIV measurement over small regions and extensive access for HWA. For the purpose of the present research we plan to integrate synchronized non-time-resolved PIV and time-resolved HWA measurements for dynamic estimation of turbulent structures. The expected outcome of the experimental campaign is a modal decomposition of the structures in the pipe centreline. The combination of PIV with HWA in the CICLoPE facility would give a unique opportunity to study the behaviour of turbulent structures at high Reynolds number flows with high spatial/temporal resolution.