Mixed vOrticity-VElocity MEasurements in quaNtum Turbulence 2 EuHIT Funded Project


Pantxo Diribarne
Sbt, Grenoble, France


Research Infrastructure
CEA Grenoble Helium Infrastructures, France
Facilities used
HeJet (HeJet)
Project leader
Yuri A. Sergeev
Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


We have identified a facility - HeJet at Grenoble Helium Infrastructures - which would allow us to carry out turbulence measurements otherwise impossible in our own laboratories. Our motivation is to complement existing global measurements of the density of quantized vortices in a steady turbulent superfluid helium flow, with new local measurements of velocity fluctuations available at HeJet with the hot-wire anemometry technique. This would allow us to significantly reduce experimental errors on the determination of a key property of turbulent superfluid \(^{4}\)He, its effective viscosity. This property is customarily a term of comparison between quantum turbulent experiments and theories, therefore to improve its firm experimental grounding is very important for the field.