Non-equilibrium turbulence in an axisymmetric wake EuHIT Funded Project


Jean-Marc Foucaut
Ecole Centrale de Lille, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
Martin Obligado
Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom


Research Infrastructure
LMFL Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, France
Facilities used
LMFL Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (LML)
Project leader
John Christos Vassilicos
Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom


We propose to study the wake and dissipation scalings of the axisymetric turbulent wake generated by a fractal plate in the exceptionally long test section of the LML Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel. The results will shed light on the evolution of non-equilibrium turbulence and its effects on fundamental turbulence statistics such as the mean flow deficit and the wake width. This experimental campaign will also investigate the prediction of recent DNS of such turbulent wakes according to which a new wake state exists far downstream which is neither classical nor of the now known non-equilibrium type.