Searching for Internal Gravity Waves in the Barostrat Instability EuHIT Funded Project


Uwe Harlander
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, Germany
Miklos Vincze
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary


Research Infrastructure
Cottbus Turbulence Experiment Facilities, Germany
Facilities used
Baroclinic Wave Tank (CoGeoF1)
Project leader
Patrice Le Gal
CNRS - Aix Marseille University, Marseille, France


The purpose of the present project is to investigate the generation and the propagation of internal gravity waves excited by convection at the stratified/convective zones interface by the baroclinic instability of an initially stratified layer with salt. Encouraged by our first observations (Project EuHIT Barostrat), we would like now to investigate more deeply the possible generation and propagation of IGWs for this new, salt-stratified version of the baroclinic instability. The objective will be first to explore the parameter space where IGWs can be observed. That is to describe their physical properties like amplitude, frequency, wavelength as a function of the input parameters. Moreover, we will investigate these properties also for the IGWs that are emitted into the passive layer mimicking the stratosphere. This includes to search for those parameters that will give the strongest radiation of waves into the passive layer. The confirmation of the generation of Internal Gravity Waves in this set-up will be a remarkable discovery, useful in particular for atmospheric sciences.