Spectral scaling of turbulence in CICLoPE at high Reynolds numbers EuHIT Funded Project


Gabriele Bellani
university of bologna, Forlì, Italy
Christoph Egbers
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, Germany
Alessandro Talamelli
University of Bologna, Forlì, Italy
El Sayed Mahmoud Zanoun
Benha University, Benha, Egypt


Research Infrastructure
Center for International Cooperation in Long Pipe Experiments, Italy
Facilities used
Long Pipe Facility (LP)
Project leader
Emir Öngüner
Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany


The present work aims at investigating the large-scale and the very large-scale structures of turbulent CICLoPE pipe flow at high Reynolds numbers which are of vital importance with respect to the turbulent kinetic energy production and the Reynolds stresses. According to recent studies some open questions remain unsettled for identifying accurate sizes of these turbulent behaviors. Meandering structures have been identified and usually referred as VLSM (very large-scale motions) with claimed extension up to 20R, where R is the pipe radius. The CICLoPE facility is providing an opportunity to approach high Reynolds number flows with high resolution in terms of viscous length scale which gives the advantage to investigate various velocity ranges similar to the large pipe facility, CoLa-Pipe, at LAS BTU-Cottbus-Senftenberg to study the behavior of turbulent structures.