How turbulence decays EuHIT Funded Project


Guus Bertens
Eindhoven University of technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands


Research Infrastructure
Max Planck High-Turbulence Facility, Germany
Facilities used
Variable Density Turbulence Tunnel (GTF1)
Project leader
Willem van de Water
Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands


The key question is whether the decay of turbulence behind a grid depends on the shape of the velocity correlation function. Active grids are ideally suited to tailor the initial condition of turbulence, and tailor the nature of its internal correlations. We will use the active grid of GTF1, and its traversing system to answer this question. The challenge is to design a motion protocal for the GTF1 active grid, in which each cell can be controlled individually, to tune the shape of the correlation function.