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WebEx Service

  • EuHIT Portal offers a teleconferencing service for the members of the EuHIT General Assembly and Steering Committee. This service is powered by Cisco Webex.
  • Using EuHIT Webex service requires registration at This registration is separate from the registration to the EuHIT Community. Both active EuHIT Community account and active Webex account are required to use the service.
  • EuHIT Webex service offers possibility to host unlimited number of meetings with unlimited number of participants. The only restriction is that the meetings do not overlap.
  • In order to use the service please select Webex from the top panel of the EuHIT Portal when logged in. This is restricted only to privileged users referred as hosts.
  • Each host can schedule, reschedule and start the meetings. This functionality is only possible through EuHIT Portal (and not through
  • Each entitled member of EuHIT Community may indicate maximum one person that will be granted Webex access. That person must have an active EuHIT Community account and has to register as described in p. 2.
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