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Proposal evaluation

RI Review

External Review

Selection Panel

The members of Selection Panels take part in the final, decisive, stage of evaluation of all submitted project proposals. The proposals, which have to be evaluated by Selection Panel, have been already reviewed:

  • by reviewer from the proper Research Infrastructure selected by the Project Leader (short review of project feasibility)
  • by two external reviewers (short assessments on scientific and technical quality)
  • moreover, each proposal has been financially approved by the EuHIT Coordinator

Based on these reviews the Selection Panel collectively decide on the acceptance or rejection of each submitted proposals by the online voting. Each member of the Selection Panel votes at the - official EuHIT internet platform.

For each member of the Selection Panel the site provides:

  • full access to the submitted proposals (including CV of the Project Leader) and all reviews.
  • simple and self-explanatory online voting mechanism.

The voting is apparent to all other members of Selection Panel. The voting is open for three days, during these three days votes can be changed. The vote at the close of the voting time is considered as final.

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