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Questions & Answers

NOTE that the EuHIT project is officially finish. New proposals are not longer officially supported by the EU.
However,  we welcome you to contact directly with the Research Infrastructure and discuss your project idea!


1. Can a private sector company employee be an applicant?

Yes, but they must demonstrate a solid scientific background to justify the need of an experiment in the chosen RI. The Project Leader must be a scientist skilled and experienced in turbulence research. Priority will be given to persons with academic background.

2. Can I apply if I am not from the European Union?

The Project Leader and the majority of members of the project team must be from the European Union Member or Associated states. If in doubt, consult the Coordinator.

3. Is an individual researcher with no affiliation eligible to apply?

No, freelancers are not supported by the programme. All Project Leaders must have an institutional affiliation.

4. Do I need an acceptance from my home institution?

No formal document is required.

5. What if the Research Infrastructure does not agree with the proposed project?

The RI's opinion is crucial in the first stage of the selection process. It is then very unlikely that the application will be successful if the RI disagrees with the proposal. In such cases it is recommended to renegotiate the project with the contact persons in the chosen RI.

6. When can my project start?

The project can start as soon as the outcome of the selection procedure is announced on the EuHIT portal and sent to the applicants. The selection procedure can last up to 10 weeks from the application deadline.

7. Can I communicate in other language than English?

Of course communication between EuHIT users and the RI can be done in other language than English, but all the project documents including application form, reports and official letters must be produced in English.

8. Can I use more than one facility in the chosen Research Infrastructure during one stay?

Yes, it is possible to use all the facilities available on site, but it is necessary to discuss this with the contact person in the Research Infrastructure.

9. Is it possible to appeal against the outcome of the selection procedure?

No, when the decision is made, there is no possibility to change it.

10. Can I submit the same project again?

Yes, in case the project doesn't receive approval, the Project Leader may submit it again on the next call. It is however recommended to modify the unsuccessful application in close cooperation with the chosen RI.

11. Is it possible to modify the project during its implementation?

Yes, but it requires notification of either RI (in case of small changes not resulting in financial alterations) or the Coordinator (in case of all financial or personal changes).

12. Is it possible to change members of the research team during the course of the project?

Yes, but the Coordinator must be informed about the change.

13. Is it possible to receive the payment in advance?

No, reimbursement is the only possible way of financial regulations between the users and EuHIT management. The applying institutions should provide the users with the resources that will be later reimbursed by EuHIT after delivery of the Final Report.

14. Is it possible to buy a new computer useful for data analysis?

No, only the T&S costs of the transnational access to facilities can be reimbursed.

15. Why is it required to upload the measurement data to the EuHIT database TurBase?

One of the goals of EuHIT is to provide free access to the knowledgebase for turbulence data. Therefore, the measurement data that each project user obtains shall be added to the turbulence database TurBase. By this your data will be accessible for every researcher in the world.

16. Will I still have the right of first publications on the uploaded data?

There is the opportunity to set an embargo period of up to 18 month on the dataset. (Time is counted from the day you create the dataset.) During this time, no one can download the data, but may already read your description of it.

17. When I have to upload the data?

The data upload should be completed within 12 month after the last access of the Research Infrastructure.

18. Can I get refunded, before the upload of the data to TurBase is finished?

Yes, you may already receive the refund of the T&S costs, if you

  1. Provide deadline for uploading the data,
  2. Create an account on TurBase and contact the TurBase team and
  3. Upload some test data.

19. Is it possible to upload data to TurBase that was not measured during the EuHIT project?

Yes. In particular you may choose to upload first some data from former projects as a test case if you need more time to view and evaluate the EuHIT data. This data can be from experimental, numerical or theoretical work.

20. What are the benefits for me in uploading the data to TurBase?

By uploading the data to TurBase, your measurements will be accessible for all researchers in the world. This means that one the one hand you can prove the quality of your measurement data easily by referring to the database in your publications. On the other hand, other scientist can download your data (after the end of the embargo period) and may use it for further projects. For this they will either start cooperating with you or will acknowledge your work in their publications.

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